Sireen Jawdat’s sculptures engage a fascination with transfiguration and a phenomenon she calls “The Dynamic Magic of Innovation.” Jawdat repurposes found objects and extends the lives of such materials in order to facilitate fresh perceptions of the ordinary.  The energy behind her work considers the creative process as something akin to a mystical metamorphosis. In this context, she likens herself to an agent of transformation. With her work, found objects morph into exotic, organic forms, many of which resemble dangerous rocks, tropical fruits, deep sea creatures, and strange berries;  To enable the aforementioned process, Jawdat collects everyday materials, takes them apart, turns them inside out, and peers beyond the obvious and mundane. Her focus is on tapping the potential of objects, to segue into multiple dimensions and perceptions of fluid and malleable realities.  As sustainability and resourcefulness are qualities that she is constantly striving to embody and master, her creative process often directs her to make changes in her lifestyle to become less wasteful .  Through a displacement and an examination of the relationship between form and function, Jawdat's art aims to celebrate the creative and aesthetic possibilities of unconventional materials.